Wednesday, January 21

How to live happily

How to live happily
Many people don’t know how to live happily. Even they don’t know what happiness is. I just want to clarify the title. What do we mean by “happy”? The definition for happiness differs from each person to person.  For one reading book gives happiness.  For one painting gives happiness. For one driving gives happiness. We should have to define ourselves which gives happiness to us? If we will have the practice of doing the things which give happiness, then surely we will have the skill to live happily.  Second “Live”. Many people are living in this world. But they are not sure that really they are living or staying. Live that moment.
First base is health.
I realized now only, in the middle of my life. Better than never. If you want to live happily take care of your health. ‘Taking care’ means not taking care of eating tablets on time. As we all know how a slight head ache or running nose totally affects our whole day. First we should understand our body needs. Give adequate food, exercise and adequate rest. Some foods suitable for you even the whole family doesn’t like it. And vice versa. Some food you don’t like it and family members love to eat it. My suggestion is, “listen your body than your family”. Eat healthy and live healthy.
Start to enjoy the things.
 First if you want to do one job, even watching TV, sleeping, preparing food, working in office, listening the class whatever you do, doing them with real interest or artificial interest. We know some works are making us bore to the core. But initially better act that you are loving the job very much. Later you will realize that your love will become true love. I love this quote. “Don’t go behind the success, go behind the excellence. The success always follows excellence.” Importantly don’t bother about the results. If you don’t bother about the result really you will do the job in peace and ease. The real success is how you enjoy that moment while you are doing it not the opinion coming from others. Sometimes our supervisor whoever mother, father, teacher, manager never accept our job. It means either really you have to improve your skill or you are not thinking from their shoes.
Taking responsibility.
Since last 3, 4 weeks I am trying this. Taking responsibility for all. For the good results as well as the bad ones. You may notice this. Some people are very humble for not taking responsibility for good deeds and taking full responsibility for bad deeds. Some people are totally opposite. Easily they point out others in worst cases. Take responsibility for whatever is done by u. If you have the rights to feel bad about what u did, then of course you have the rights to feel happy what you did nicely also.  
Learn a new thing daily.
Make you fresh everyday. Feel you are away from bad things in past. Make your mind active. If your mind feel bore, depress, complex, dull or sad, just make it active by doing your favourite job. Watch TV, read book, do Dhyana or yoga, go for walk, have a coffee, take a bath, call a friend, try new recipe, and meet your friends or at least read the things in our whatsapp group. If you don’t know anything as hobby, then try to learn something. One day do something in out of routine and enjoy the life. We have all the rights to enjoy the life.
Have faith in one supreme power.
After all we are human being. Living with all emotions. Life is how we handle all our emotions on situations not how we avoid or control them.. If you don’t have belief in god, believe yourself with more confident. Those who believe in god why we bother whatever happens? Put blame on God for everything or leave everything to god. Live happily.